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Heat Transfer
Starting at $39.95

Custom DTF transfers, DTF Print, Custom Full Color DTF Heat Transfer, Dtf print transfers.

Custom DTF transfers, DTF Print, Custom Full Color DTF Heat Transfer, Dtf print transfers.

Custom DTF transfers, DTF Print, Custom Full Color DTF Heat Transfer, Dtf print transfers.

We print your custom design in DTF full-color heat transfers made to order for your business with Super-Fast Turnaround 2-3 Business Days. Perfect for full-color graphic designs or neck label branding comes with easy-to-follow instructions for a transfer process.
Vibrant colors, soft hand feel, and durable; tested 50+ wash cycles.

What are you selling? Can you provide more details about your products?
We specialize in offering DTF (Direct to Film) transfers, designed for application onto a variety of fabrics and even certain plastics using a heat press machine. DTF transfers bear a resemblance to vinyl heat transfers but exhibit superior quality and are available in full color.

Here are the key features of our DTF prints:
  • Suitable for application on all types of fabric
  • Can be applied to fabric of any color
  • Outperforms vinyl, screen printing, or DTG methods
  • Available in full color, as well as white or black, according to your specific requirements
  • Possesses a soft, comfortable texture, distinguishing it from other printing techniques
  • Demonstrates remarkable durability, potentially lasting indefinitely when printed correctly
  • No minimum order quantity for single design listings
  • Gang sheets are also available for purchase
  • We provide a fast turnaround time, with shipments typically processed within 1-2 days of ordering
  • An option for same-day shipping upgrades is available

What is your shipping timeline? When can I anticipate my order?
Processing Time: 1-2 days Our standard processing time is usually 1-2 business days. Prints ordered with shipping upgrades are typically prepared and shipped on the same day, with a cutoff time of 1 PM. Please be aware that during holidays, USPS shipping delays may occur due to a higher volume of orders being processed.
Shipping Time: For regular shipping, the delivery window is 1-5 business days. For expedited shipping options, kindly refer to the shipping information provided.

How should I prepare and submit my artwork? Do you offer background removal services?
Artwork should be submitted in PNG or SVG format, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi to ensure high quality, and it should have a transparent background. If you require background removal for your artwork, this service can be purchased from our store.

I have images ready but don't know how to create a Gang Sheet. What should I do?
Simply get in touch with us, and we will assist you in creating the Gang Sheet. To do so, please send us the images and specify the desired number of copies and sizes for each image. We will then provide you with the required dimensions to complete the purchase.

Could you provide some printing instructions?
  1. Preheat the heat press to a medium to hottest setting with a temperature of 320°F and a pressure of 70 psi and above.
  2. Iron the garment to remove any creases and heat the fabric.
  3. Place the transfer face up in the desired position on the garment and cover it with a greaseproof sheet. Never heat press directly on the transfer.
  4. Heat press for 5 seconds.Peel the backing away from one corner to check if the transfer has adhered. If it has, slowly peel off the remaining backing. If the transfer has not adhered, repress it for 10 seconds in bursts of 5 seconds while checking.
  5. After you have removed the clear film tape, place the greaseproof sheet.

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